Jan 31, 2019

DID YOU KNOW? PM closed loop pump range, a point of reference in modularity

While the engine is the heart of the application, the pump is its lungs, so choosing the the right match is paramount in reaching the expected performance level. Poclain Hydraulics’ medium duty PM series can withstand a maximum pressure of 5800 PSI (400 bar) and is available in five distinct sizes, from 0.43 to 3.97 to 65 cm3/rev).

Many control types

Light and simple machines work well with a direct mechanical control, and it is available on PM pumps up to 28 cm3/rev. Machines with slightly higher performance levels may require a mechanical control with feedback, available on PM pumps from size PM10 upwards (7 cm3/rev - 0.43

Flanging capabilities

Besides the wide range of controls, each PM pump features a flange at the rear, which renders a clean machine layout, as well as reduces assembly time and hosing for the OEM. The PM pump can thus be flanged with:

  • A flow divider /valve
  • An auxiliary pump for supplementary attachments for instance:
      -  recycling, lifting equipment, milling tools for a telescopic application
      -  a bucket or fan drive actuator for backhoes or excavators

In general, compact applications such as piggyback forklift trucks, with space constraints between the wheels or below the cab, can gain invaluable space with the flange configuration.

Gear pumps from 1,6 to 26 cm3/rev» (0.10 to 1.59 can be added to the solution, either flanged or completely integrated within the PM housing.

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