Jun 3, 2019

VB3-020 Poclain Hydraulics Double Circuit Brake Valve

What are your requirements?

When looking for a braking solution, many machines have demanding requirements: low pressure drop, small space constraints, need for fast response time – all with the end goals of safety, reliability and top performance. 

The VB3-020 meets these requirements and does not compromise on efficiency.


What does it offer?

  • Reduced pressure drop (7.5 bar)
  • Narrow pressure tolerances (+/- 3 bar)
  • Reduced size & weight
  • Improved response
  • Maximum input pressure (250 bar)
  • Wet spring box – improved cleanliness

Simple, Interchangeable

The VB3-020 is extremely compact – much shorter than competitive dual circuit brake valves. VB3-020 uses a simple spring box and has options for larger ports on the same housing making it a strong option for bigger or heavy machinery.

The casted body and lighter weight design makes it easier to integrate into your machine. VB3-020 has the same fixation points and connects to the same actuators as the standard VB easing interchangeability and making the benefits of the new design attainable for a wide range of machines.  

Safety by Design

All VB3 valves come standard with reinforced sealing and a wet spring box to avoid external pollution and prevent rust.

A key feature for safety is the VB3-020’s parallel mounted spools. Oil contamination is always a hazard, but in the event that one spool becomes stuck because of contamination, the other spool will still actuate the braking.

Still need more information?

Consult our technical catalog.