MHP Motors

Apr 3, 2017

MHP Motors

Off-road vehicles are designed, purchased and used with a principal objective: higher productivity, followed by cost reduction at all stages of the vehicle life: manufacturing, purchase and ownership. OEMs take the two factors into account and deliberately select innovative components that perform better, last longer and reduce fuel consumption.

Transmission systems are critical when it comes to optimizing productivity. Poclain Hydraulics hydrostatic transmissions meet the OEMs’ high-performance requirements, and even more so with the MHP range (HIGH PERFORMANCE motors).

MHP motors are the result of a number of years of research, development, and testing. They set new standards in cam-lobe motor technology regarding performance, reliability, lifetime and efficiency.

They raise the bar on performance limits for rotation speed and power, the principal features that improve the performance and productivity of the applications they equip.

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MHP Motors

In addition, the MHP motors are designed to withstand the extreme working conditions of mobile and industrial applications. The braking function offersthe same ruggedness, with a high level of energy absorption and a braking torque that is directly applied to the wheel.

The sales of the MHP20/27 motor picked up rapidly as soon as they were launched on the market. The technology appealed to manufacturers that need the higher productivity and the unparalleled performance of hydrostatic transmissions, as well as manufacturers whose requirements were out of reach for Poclain Hydraulics’ standard motor configuration including manufacturers of injection molding machines, hoists for material handling, and horizontal and vertical drills.

The MHP motors bring a compromise of not only power and maximum speed, but also longer lifetime to these motors. They are a perfect addition to the modular MS range, as they meet the requirements of new functions and applications.

The customers who have integrated the MHP motors agree it provides high power in a compact design and high-efficiency levels. Off-road machinery OEMs particularly appreciate the  displacement ratio, as high as four. This feature enables use of the full displacement and maximum torque of the motor in work mode, while reaching high traveling speed on the road.
In addition to the high displacement ratio, the MHP motor provides up to four displacements. The act of shifting speeds is smooth and comfortable on the entire operating range because of the judiciously placed ratios, without hindering efficiency.

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Another segment of OEMs, who design high-speed mobile machinery, appreciate the boosted brake. It provides optimal hydrostatic braking for the entire range of displacements. Last but not least, the wide range of bearing supports makes designing and integrating the motor into the transmission simple.
The load-bearing capacity of the bearing supports is aligned with the new tires that feature high diameter, load bearing capacity and speed. They can also integrate a parking brake, a service brake or a combined brake.
The MHP range is about to expand: the concepts developed for the sizes 20-27 of the MHP will soon be available in additional sizes.

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