Jan 12, 2022



The MHP motor story began in 2015 with the goal of re-imagining performance and reliability and optimizing efficiencies. Fast-forward to 2021 and with accelerated production needed to respond to the increase in demand, our MHP line has delivered more motors than anticipated this year culminating with the delivery of the 10 000th motor. The 10,000th MHP has just made its way to Gregoire in France’s Cognac region to find itself mounted on a compact and versatile GL7.4 self-propelled harvester.

10000th-Poclain-Hydraulics-MHP-TeamPoclain Hydraulics MHP Team

10000th-MHP-Motor-Arrives-at-Gregoire10,000th MHP arrives at Gregoire

 Over the years, the MHP motor line has grown to better fit market demands for machines such as vertical and horizontal direction drilling in Asia, harvesting equipment in Europe. MHP motors continue to evolve to enable OEMs to respond to end user needs and requirements for safety, POWER, speed, precision and efficiency. The line now includes more sizes and displacements ranging from 0.9 liters (55 cu.in) to 3.5 liters (214 cu.in) as well as integrated oil-immersed wet-disc parking, service and boosted braking options.

More about Gregoire’s GL7.4

MHP HighPerformance motors and MS motors make up the hydrostatic transmission main wheel drive for the GL7.4. These motors together enable the GL7.4’s on-road four-wheel drive and optimize both its capability for roading and working. The TwinLock™-enabled motors deliver superior anti-skid technology, limiting soil disturbance by automatically distributing torque to the wheels getting better traction, improving gradeability. An integrated parking brake also helps to augment safety for operators and others, even when parking on an incline. The motors and other components making up the GL7.4’s power transmission system help operators achieve the consistent machine output and speed necessary to maximize productivity for the vineyard.

10000th-Poclain-Hydraulics-MHP-Team-Gregoire10,000th MHP motor mounted at Gregoire 

Learn more about Gregoire’s long-time partnership with Poclain for the GL7.4 and other machines in this customer highlight

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