Mar 29, 2019

New Ultra-compact Medium Duty PM20 Pump

With a max pressure between 300 and 420 bar, the PM range spans from 7 to 65 cc, from the PMV0 to the PM65. Poclain Hydraulics is adding the size 20 to address the need for a highly compact 28 cc pump.


The perfect fit for small to medium-sized mobile machinery

The PM pump fits the requirements of small to medium-sized mobile equipment, in construction (walk-behind and asphalt rollers, wheel loaders and dumpers), ag (mowers, fruit harvesters, cattle feeders, small sprayers), as well as material handling (truck-mounted forklift trucks, aerial work platforms).

The PM20 offers unrivaled compactness

The latest addition to the PM range, the size 20 borrows its design from the PMV0 and PM10, thus bridging the gap between the PM10 and the PM30. The PM20 features the same displacement as the PM30 in a smaller package; it suits applications such as small wheel loaders, compactors and dumpers that favor compactness and are more price-sensitive. The pump, with its unrivaled axial length of 165 mm – a little under 200 mm with a charge pump - fits under the seat or the short bonnet.

In contrast, the cradle design of the PM30, 50 and 70 pumps tolerates the higher pressures and more demanding duty cycles required by heavier machines. The reinforced envelope also provides higher noise reduction.


A highly customizable pump

The design of the PM20 makes it highly customizable. A valve block can be flanged onto the pump cover, making the system more responsive. In addition, the valve plate can be modified to produce the desired driving behaviour, from responsive to comfortable.

The PM20 is currently available with the following controls and options:

  • Servo-mechanical with feedback
  • Hydraulic servo-control
  • Electric proportional servo with feedback
  • Charge pump
  • Flushing valve
  • Auxiliary mounting pad
  • Tandem pump mount

 Additional controls, such as automotive or direct mechanical control, as well as options, such as safety valve, filters and speed sensors, will be available by the end of 2019.