Jun 28, 2016

PWe - With Can Control

The PWe is the latest generation Heavy Duty pump with electronic control designed by Poclain Hydraulics. Based on the PW pump developed within the High Performance program, the PWe pump
with its embedded Electronic Control Unit (Smart Drive CT30) and set of sensors provides safety, accuracy and high performance.

The PWe is designed to be easily integrated into your machine and to ensure in a few steps the expected high levels of performance and safety for your application.

The PWe’s on-board electronic control unit can withstand the harshest environments, including proximity to the internal combustion engine. The IP69K type electrical connections and the
factory-installed harness are tested at the end of the assembly line before delivery.


Can Communication on PWe








The 2 integrated CAN bus allow to share information with the rest of the machine (internal combustion engine, displays, hydraulic components...), configure and diagnose your machine.

The PWe is a plug–and-play solution. The associated electronic devices are delivered plugged onto the pump and wired to the pre-programmed ECU. The system is ready to be connected to the joystick that drives the machine. It allows to reduce development costs and to speed up the machine’s time to market.

The PWe can also be controlled by our customer’s own proprietary Electronic Control Unit via a CAN bus that complies to the J1939 standard. The CAN bus controls the displacement of the PWe so that its high level of performance and accuracy is reached as easily as by sending a percentage on a CAN Bus.

No need to be expert in loop current control and pump stroke calibration. The PWe ECU takes care of this, and is able to communicate diagnostic information with a dashboard screen where temperature, pressure and speed can be monitored.

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