Nov 27, 2014

Collaboration with METSO

Birgitte Sallling, Procurement Manager at Metso, spoke to us about her company’s collaboration with Poclain Hydraulics which has resulted in the development of the MI250 hydraulic motor: the largest motor ever built by Poclain Hydraulics.













METSO is a Finnish manufacturing group which supplies solutions and services for the mining and construction industries. It addresses itself to customers operating mainly in quarries, pellet production, construction, civil engineering and mineral treatment.
Metso relies on an international services and sales network. Its industrial activity meets growing requirements in the demand for construction materials and the development of urban areas. Metso has also achieved a worldwide reputation as a vibration device manufacturer for the mining and quarry industry.











In 2010, METSO and Poclain Hydraulics came together within the framework of its activities regarding metal recycling and waste treatment machines.











Poclain Hydraulics was put to the challenge for one of the key phases of the recycling process, the shredding phase. This stage is complex because the flow of bulky, resistant and abrasive materials is unpredictable and requires exceptionally powerful and robust fixed and mobile waste shredding equipment. The MS125 motor responds to the motorization needs of the EtaPreShred® 4000 Metso shredder, designed for the treatment of solid waste.
Unlike some other suppliers, Poclain Hydraulics was able to prove its willingness to listen and its flexibility in order to better respond to its customer’s requirements, which was particularly appreciated by Metso. Since then, 110 units of EtaPreShred® 4000 have been equipped with the MS125 motors.











As a result of this first positive experience, and faced with a large-scale project, Metso approached Poclain Hydraulics with an opportunity to work together on the development of a new motor «To equip the largest machines and to develop the strongest torque in its range, the EtaPreShred® 6000 shredder». The challenge was to meet the performance requirements, while perfectly adapting to the environment and the machine’s compactness requirement. This is how the MI250 motor was born, the largest hydraulic motor ever built in the Poclain Hydraulics range. With a displacement of up to 30 L, it is able to deploy a torque reaching 140 kNm for a 500 kW power under a pressure of 350 bar. Equipped with Poclain Hydraulics’ radial piston technology that has proven itself for fifty years, it meets the requirements set by METSO both in terms of flexibility and lifespan, whilst being able to be housed in a reduced volume space. Despite the size of the project, and the few technical challenges to overcome through the course of the development, the product is today considered a success: «The MI250 is currently being tested on-site by a customer, and is already running at 2000 hours without problem. It will be in series version on our machines in November 2014».

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