Feb 27, 2019

Poclain's New Generation of Brake Valves Hits the Market

Brake valves were added to Poclain Hydraulics’ offering in 2005. With the acquisition of Kladivar, a Slovene valve manufacturer, in 2007 and the creation of a Valve Competency Center, the goal was to adopt a systems approach that brings higher value-add to the OEM, using advanced components that work in synergy. The VB brake valve range was integrated in its original state and remained roughly the same until 2016. In order to appeal to new applications the product needed a redesign. Ten thousand development hours and forty customer visits later, le VB3 is ready to hit the road.


Braking is simple and complex at the same time

technically advanced, standardized, more efficient and in line with current and future machine requirements: those were the objectives Primož Pangeršič, Poclain Hydraulics’ Valve Product Line Manager, along with his team, challenged themselves to meet with the new generation of brake valves. The new design had to be smart and robust to ensure an optimal customer experience. Geographical and OEM-specific braking regulations added complexity to the project. Where some countries allow driveby- wire and a forestry machine can literally operate without a driver in the cabin, some countries still enforce mechanical coupling. “It took me four years and visiting over forty OEMs around the world, in a wide range of industries, to be able to design a valve that had just the right amount of innovation and satisfied the bulk of their needs” Primož explains.

The new generation VB3 stands above the competition

The new valve range addresses single and dual brake circuits:

  • VB3-010 and 012 single circuit service brake
  • VB3-002 parking brake
  • VB3-00E park lock brake
  • VB3-020 double circuit service brake
  • VB3-0D0 and VB3-0B0 assist brake valve, which complies with the latest EU tractor regulation.

They provide the following features:

The most compact range on the market. The line doesn’t compromise on efficiency either. Moulded castings have replaced the machined blocks, thus reducing weight. For instance, the VB3-020 weighs 43% less than its predecessor, and it is the shortest dual circuit valve on the market.

Enhanced performance. This is due to the combined effects of a lower pressure drop (7.5 bar for the VB3-020) and pressure tolerances (+/- 3 bar), a higher flow rate (30 l per minute) and maximum inlet pressure (250 b)

Increased security. The VB3 is an upgrade of an already proven Poclain Hydraulics design, and it houses parallel-mounted spools. If one spool gets stuck, because of contamination oil for example, the remaining spool will still actuate the braking.

Larger ports. These are also available for large & heavy machine applications.

The VB3 range is interchangeable with the previous VB; it bears the same mounting points and connects to the same actuators. The old VB series is scheduled to be phased out in 2020.

The VB3 range targets a wide array of machines, among which loaders, excavators, site dumpers, mining equipment, forklift trucks, telehandlers, forestry machines, mowers, airport equipment and cranes.

“The sales of the new VB3 series are off to a very promising start. We have already sold over 50.000 units and expect to sell twice as much as the old generation by 2020. At the same time we see new opportunities arising, and plan on extending our product range.” concludes Primož.