Oct 15, 2020



Infrastructure projects are continuing in many global regions, often due to the need to expand current networks or replace aging systems. Government projects for expansion, such as the Chinese “Belt and Road” initiative that was started last year, give rise to the need for machinery to carry out the various projects that make up the initiative - from gas and water pipeline projects to terrestrial telecom projects such as fiber-optic cable networks. Upcoming projects are also paving the way for future demand in HDD machinery: 5G infrastructure, UHV/electric internet of things, high-speed rail and rail transit projects, cloud computing and data centers, industrial internet.

The various national and international OEMs producing HDD machines for China and globally need to deliver productive machines for use in both urban and non-urban locations. The cutting head torque and thrust/pullback applications on this machine present their own set of challenges from specifying a drive motor with the right level of torque, robustness, and radial load resistance, to providing the right level of horsepower to the ground. All of this needs to be done while keeping in mind the end user. Delivering high precision, compact components with low noise levels helps combat operator fatigue, ease on-site installation, and thus increase productivity.

Poclain Hydraulics direct drive motors offer a high level of compact efficiency – making integration into tight spaces easier, our High Performance line or MHP motors offer:

  • more discrete displacements with up to three speeds
  • increased power
  • better efficiency
  • 500 bar of max pressure
  • increased displacement ratio
  • optimized covers for reduced pressure drops
  • multiple bearing supports – wheel flange, male and female splines


It is also important to consider the type of pump used to power the motors in the tool drive or push pull function’s hydraulic circuit. Poclain Hydraulics offers a ¾ heavy-duty pump solution, which allows the customer to do almost as much as a heavy-duty solution, but at a lower price point than a full heavy-duty option and with better economy for premium closed loop machines under 42 tonnes.

Similarly, our KVH-6/2 diverter valves are rated for heavy-duty working conditions with a max working pressure of 350 bar on all ports. With a long life-cycle even in the most demanding working conditions, they allow the OEM to reliably control multiple tools with just one directional control valve.

What this means for the OEM is better performance, productivity and reliability. Poclain Hydraulics motors are able to deliver full torque at low speed leading to better performance and more productivity. Shock loads and pressure peaks are common challenges for HDD machines. MHP motors’ low inertia reliably meets those challenges while delivering easy and quick reversal. The freewheeling option also allows for more efficiency and increased speed capacity. 

Globally, each year over 6,000 Poclain Hydraulics motors equip HDDs while over 2,000 MHP motors have already been installed on HDD machines – mainly for the tool drive applications.



Learn more about Poclain Hydraulics solutions for HDDs and other tools from low to high torque at Bauma China in booth N4 821 from November 24 – 27. Contact us to set up a meeting at the show to learn more about this and other solutions. 

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