Feb 24, 2014

The PM range

Pumps Designed to Serve our Customers

In response to an ever more demanding market, Poclain Hydraulics has developed this new pump with optimized performance and user-comfort, which will integrate easily into all machine environments.

Anti-pollution standards are increasingly strict for our customers. Reducing fuel consumption levels is a major issue for machinery manufacturers.
The new PM range was developed to respond to these constraints, with our engineers focusing on a number of optimization areas.

In order to maximize driver comfort and improve their working environment, Poclain Hydraulics has used the latest generation of simulation and testing tools to reduce noise pollution from this pump.

Furthermore, in order to optimize user comfort and safety, our engineering and design department has come up with a coherent and flexible range, offering a choice of controls compatible with all market applications; ranging from servo-mechanical, hydraulic, automotive to electronic with or without mechanical swashplate position feedback.

pm range

The controls available on the pumps:

• Mechanical servo control with feed-back
• Hydraulic servo control
• Hydraulic servo control with feed-back
• Hydraulic Automotive control
• Electrical on-off servo control with return spring
• Electro-proportional control
• Electro-proportional control with feed-back


Unveiling of the first pump in the range on the market (the PM50) at the Conexpo show in the United States from March 4 to 8 2014.



Additional Functions are also Available

Overall dimensions are an increasing constraint for machinery manufacturers. This pump will meet your needs through its extremely compact design and reduced length. Additional functions such as flushing and anti-stall can also be incorporated in these pumps, making it even easier to integrate into your system.

PW pump

PW pump









At the end of 2013, Poclain Hydraulics has also displayed its new range of High Performance components. This High Performance offer is based on a new set of components, exclusively developed from a viewpoint of unequalled individual performance. Our new heavy-duty pump (“PW pump”) has been designed with five major concerns in mind: quality, energy efficiency, compactness, power density and precision.

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