Feb 24, 2014

New medium duty flow divider

Filling Up the Gap

Poclain Hydraulics is introducing a new medium duty flow divider/combiner FD-M in order to fill the gap in its product portfolio. The flow divider has been designed to fit perfectly into small-and medium-sized machines where high flow and very high pressure are not needed.

The new FD-M is optimized for applications that normally use system pressure 350 – 380 bar [5080 - 5510 PSI] at a controlled flow under 100 L/min [26.4 GPM] and bypass flow rate up to 150 L/min [39.6 GPM]. For limited time, pressure can even reach up to 420 bar [6090 PSI] (only limited duty cycle).

Advantages of FD-M

The compact, single block design of the 2way FD-M is the result of design modularity. This concept allows an easy upgrade of the dividing function from 2 to 4 outputs. Due to its size, the FD-M can be easily be used as hydraulic differential lock or traction control of vehicles in different fields of industry (like small tool carriers, rollers, forestry trailers, etc.).

2way flow divider

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