Feb 24, 2014

MG05 Motor

Integrated Hydraulic Pivot for Easy Integration

One of the main areas of development for Poclain Hydraulics motors has always been to build products that are easy to integrate, which enable shorter development times for customers. With this in mind, Poclain Hydraulics has completed its range of MG steerable-wheel motors with the introduction of the new MG/MGE05, offering a displacement from 376 to 750 cc [22.94 to 45.77].

With its built-in hydraulic pivot, the MG/MGE05 is easily integrated into a hydraulic system, offering simplified management of hydraulic hoses independent of the motor’s rotational movements around its pivot axis.
The MG/MGE05 is supplied with its C-Frame used for direct mounting on a chassis, offering a turnkey solution for all vehicles fitted with a hydrostatic transmission (loaders, lifting platforms, etc.).

MG05 Motor

This new MG/MGE05 motor is also highly modular, with the possibility of using all the bearing supports currently available on the MS range, including a drum brake. It also features a new bearing support with a built-in wet parking brake, offering a maximum braking torque of 4,500 N.m [3320 lbf.ft].
The new distribution on the MG/MGE05 available in single or symmetrical dual speed displacement, offers a high-speed and high-efficiency solution which, together with a maximum pressure of 450 bar [6530 PSI], will surely satisfy customers seeking a high-performance, economical drive.


The full MG range now covers the 200 to 2500 cc area [12.2 to 152.56]: MG02, MG05, MG11, MG21.

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