Mar 9, 2020



Arrow, one of the first US CreepDrive customers, is focused on engineering and production of pavement marking, surface prep and removal grinders, saw, grooving and pavement marker palletized and truck mounted equipment. Company’s CEO Steve Stark shares Arrow’s vision on the CreepDive range expansion.

CreepDrive 1 experience

“We’ve been using the CreepDrive 1 for 10 years. We use it on our thermal paint trucks, rumble trucks and grinders. We chose CreepDrive for the low speed performance with speeds around 3-4 mph, a difficult speed for a standard truck’s cruise control. We also liked how compact it was and being able to maintain low speed at idle versus having the truck engine at full RPM. The CreepDrive system significantly lowers engine wear and tear and saves on fuel.”

CreepDrive 2 expectations

«The original CreepDrive system was sometimes limited in terms of gradeability and max speed. Our biggest expectation is to reach 8 mph, and it’s going to be possible with the new generation of CreepDrive.»


CreepDrive 2 value for thermal trucks, epoxy and grinders

“Maintaining steady speeds between 3-8 mph is very important. With autonomous driving vehicles, there is more focus on road striping as the stripes are used to guide the vehicles. When applying the stripes, regardless of thermal plastic or epoxy stripes, the application mill thickness needs to be maintained. When the material gun and the ground speed are linked, we can manage the deployment of material very precisely. In the past, we may have used the truck cruise control. What happens is, when the truck is loaded on a level grade or incline, the cruise is accurate; however, going downhill we have difficulty maintaining that speed and the vehicles tend to ‘run away’ and over-speed. This leads to thin stipes on the road. The new CDM20 will allow for higher speeds and higher grades, and we should be able to hit most applications full range.”

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