Mar 4, 2020

Compact Motor for Next Gen CTLs


Compact track loaders, also known as CTLs, have gradually gained ground against wheeled skid steer loaders, representing a vast majority of the market, according to Equipment World. Poclain Hydraulics has a long track-record in equipping compact construction equipment, encompassing mini-loaders and skid steer loaders. To address the rising demand for tracks versus wheels, they are launching a robust and high-performance motor based on the company’s proven radial piston design, the MT07.

CTLs are a particularly demanding application. Drivers expect them to move fast between jobs, and be able to move, dig, lift, load, plow, drill, trench, and much more. Their drive components go from zero to peak pressure repeatedly, as well as change direction of rotation.

Designed to satisfy all CTL market players, Poclain Hydraulics’ new MT07 specifically addresses the tough working conditions of the application and tracked vehicles in general. Each feature has been carefully gauged to offer best value for money in the industry:

No compromise between performance and compactness

The design of the MT07 benefits from the breakthroughs the engineering team made on the MHP range regarding architecture, performance and materials. With a displacement between 30 and 56 cu.in per rev (495 to 920 cc), the MT07 fits in a size 05 MS motor and can bear as much load as a size 18. The superior efficiency of the MT07 also reduces heat generation and noise.

6,500 PSI (450 bar) max pressure

The MT07 has gone through extensive validation for 6,500 PSI max pressure.

High speed and efficiency

With the MT07, a tracked machine can run at 12.3 mph (20 kph) maximum ground speed without compromising on torque. Providing a 1.5 displacement ratio, the motor withstands maximum travel speed in both low and high displacement. Moreover, its exceptional overall efficiency avoids overheating and enhances machine productivity.

High bearing capacity

Specifically sized for tracks, the motor’s high bearing capacity can withstand shock loads. Perfectly balanced around the sprocket mount, its robust design enhances reliability.

Easy integration

The track and chassis mounts are positioned to exactly match the track configuration.

Compact envelope

Measuring 13.8” (352 mm), the motor fits inside standard tracks

High-performance braking

The powerful brake can withstand emergency braking without suffering any deterioration.  Furthermore, the brake is spring applied and hydraulically released (SAPR), so any issue in the hydraulic circuit will bring the tracked vehicle to a halt.

Superior resistance to pollution

Maintenance-free and specifically designed for tracks, the seals can withstand exposure to packed mud, debris and chemicals.

Identical performance in forward and reverse

The MT07 delivers the same level of performance in both directions of rotation to enable the CTL to be as powerful in forward and reverse. The symmetrical design also simplifies sourcing, as there is a single part number for the left and right sides.

Freedom of integration

The track and chassis mounts are positioned to exactly match the track configuration. Regarding ports, the motor is available with either axial or radial connections to give the OEM greater freedom of integration. It can interface with a fixed or suspended undercarriage.

Designed in conjunction with the CTL OEMs, the MT07 is designed to fulfill the needs of current and next-generation machines. Its performance level, ruggedness and versatility go beyond the application and make it suitable for tracked vehicles in agriculture, forestry, and mining.

Learn more about the MT07 at IFPE 2020 | ConExpo-Con/Agg in IFPE South Hall 3 booth S81613