Feb 24, 2020

Case Study: CreepDrive Road Marking Applications - Century Fence


Century Fence (Pewaukee, Wisconsin, USA)

Pewaukee’s centenarian Century Fence has been using Poclain Hydraulics’ CreepDrive motors since 2010. In addition to pavement marking vehicles, the company operates in the fencing and sliding gates industry. Century Fence was a pilot customer in testing the new CDM20 motor. Construction Superintendent Keith Brahmer tells us about their experience with the established CDM222 motor and their first impressions of Poclain Hydraulics’ new CDM20 motor.

CDM222 experience

“Initially we used a high speed motor and gearbox with a chain drive for our striping removal machines. This solution had major control issues as well as motor “cogging” during creep mode. Due to these problems, Century Fence switched to Poclain Hydraulics’ CDM222 in 2010. Since then, the CDM222 has been installed on striping removal models 125, 126 and 127.“

Testing the CDM20

“The latest 128 model had the CDM20 motor installed, which ran for 500 hours in creep mode. In the second speed (in half displacement) the creep function ran without any issues. The motor was inspected at PH Inc. and the wear was very minimal. We are very impressed with CDM20 motor on our removal machine! No issues climbing grade. The motor is even quieter than CDM222.“

CDM20 value for striping removal trucks

“CDM20 is used during the highway work mode, i.e., from April to October, in the Midwest. It allows the engine to have the RPM set while operating during work mode (the creep function separates ground from engine speed, allowing operating the auxiliaries with engine RPM while in the work mode with Poclain Hydraulics’ CDM). Consistent slow speed during work mode allows the stripe removal to run consistently at the lowest cost.”











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