Aug 20, 2018

A Successful Application of Poclain Hydraulics on Small Sweepers in China

With the increasing urbanization rates and subsequent stress that places on the environment, cleaning equipment is getting more and more attention. In areas where large road vehicles are unable to go, such as urban auxiliary lanes, narrow roads, bicycle lanes, sidewalks, pedestrian zones, landscape zones, parks, schools, scenic spots, residential quarters, etc., the use of compact and versatile small sweepers not only improves work efficiency, but more importantly avoids nuisances such as blowing dust that are experienced during manual cleaning operations.

Hydrostatic transmission systems (HST) are aftermarket installed on small compact machines because of the unique advantages that the HST is able to deliver: continuous transmission ratio, high power utilization, stable transmission power, flexible layout and convenient operation. As a leader in the hydrostatic drive industry, Poclain Hydraulics has many years of successful application experience in the global small sweeper market.


Poclain Hydraulics’offering for small sweepers consists of complete solutions that include hydraulic pumps, motors, valves, and electronic components.


The PM series closed loop axial piston pump can provide a displacement range of 7~65cc/rev, and operates up to 400 bar. The series has an expansive set of standard control options: mechanical, hydraulic, electric proportional with and without feedback, and automotive control.




The MS (E) series radial piston cam lobe motor delivers a displacement range of 213~750cc/rev with single and double speed working modes and maximum pressure up to 450bar. It has both, integrated service and parking brakes, with a modular design and compact installation size, ideal for wheel driving.




The M series axial piston high-speed motor can provide a displacement range of 7~65cc/rev with a maximum speed of 3,600 r/min and working pressure of 210~250bar, which is used for the sweeping drive.




It is worth noting that the unique electric proportional hydraulic control circuit for a domestic 3T small sweeper, designed by Poclain Hydraulics, offers both comfortable operation and anti-skid four-wheel drive function with maximum speed up to 32Km/h and maximum gradeability of 25%. When the working speed is 5.5±0.5Km/h, 400g/m2  sweepers can attain the maximum level of productivity available on the market place, cleaning more garbage in one operation than any other solution. In addition, many attachments are available such as snow shovels, snow sweepers and floor scrubber, which can be easily switched by a single person within half an hour. 

In response to customers' needs, Poclain Hydraulics established an assembly plant and service workshop in Shanghai in 2010 to ensure fast delivery and service to the Chinese market. The localized batch assembly of VB brake valves, MS (E) hydraulic motors, PM hydraulic pumps was initiated to shorten the delivery time to less than three months. In addition, the Chinese factory is the logistics platform set to cover the Asia-Pacific region, including Japan, South Korea, Southeast Asia, Australia, New Zealand and other regions.