New products

Mar 19, 2013

New products : Motors, Pumps, Valves, Electronics


MS83 & MS125 "New Generation" : New radial pistons motors with large displacement (up to 15,000cc), mainly  dedicated to Heavy-Duty Applications (Industrial, Mining, Marine,...).

These new motors allow for reduction of pressure drops by more than 50% (e.g. from 19bar@55rpm to 8bar@55rpm on the MS125) and permits very significant increases to the max speed.




T80 Brake












PHast :

Our PHast program now includes motors size 2, 5 and 8

PHast is a fast delivery service (maximum 15 business days) for MS motors range from size 02 to 125, available from our European and North American plants.

 Which components are included in PHast ?

-   Wheel and shaft motors

-   Single and two-speeds

-   With or without brake

For maximum versatility, all the motors will have the following standard options:

- Additional drain port,

- Pre-disposition for speed sensor,

- High pressure shaft seal or duo-cone seal,

- Heat-treated shaft,

- Higher RPM (except for MS50 with single speed),

- Diamond.

Order are limited to four PHast motors, per motor size. The sales of PHast motors are subject to Poclain Hydraulics’ General Terms & Conditions of sale.



VB-0D0 : Steering brake valve


Double-circuit & steering-assist brake valve, acting on rear and front wheels of the vehicle.

Independent braking circuits to provide safety in case of leakage on one of the two circuits

VE exchange valve range :

Our new exchange valves (for closed loop circuits) are available in 3 frame size (VE10, VE30 and VE60) featuring 10 liters/ min, 30 liters /min and 60 liters/min exchange flow with a pressure drop of under 30 bar


Benefits of new VE family:
- Compact & light design

- Adjustable cracking pressure
- High pressure design




PM10 :

Our medium duty PM10 pump has been enhanced with several features:

SAE B mounting flange,

Hydraulic Automotive Control: The smallest pump of the market (7cc to 21cc) featuring this type of control

Smartdrive™ Control: Our PM range (from PM10 to PM65) can be electronically controlled via our SmartDrive ECU offer.

Electronic Control Command:

The New SD (Smartdrive™)CT :

Poclain Hydraulics is introducing a new range of Electronic Control Units, SD-CT 200 and SD-CT 300. They offer functional security and operational safety capabilities in line with the most demanding standards.

Poclain Hydraulics launches a new range of Electronic Control Units SD (Smartdrive™) CT 200/300

Operating safety and unequaled performance

Machine operating safety is now one of the issues that any manufacturers must integrate at the machine design stage. Electronic control integration allows you to increase the added value of your machines with regard to productivity, energy efficiency and comfort. Poclain Hydraulics is introducing a new range of CT 200 and CT 300 SmartDrive™ controllers capable of meeting these requirements in all regards. They offer functional security and operational safety capabilities in line with the most de  manding standards. Their large calculation capability and the increased number of inputs and outputs allow you to efficiently operate your machines' hydrostatic transmission.