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Mar 14, 2017

Skid Steer Success Evolution of Poclain Hydraulics

Poclain Hydraulics has a long history of developing solutions for the skid steer platform. The successful MSE02 and MS05 range of motors fit the needs of a vast array of machines including skid steers thanks to their modularity. These modular features include a variety of braking options and bearing supports, as well as multiple options for speed sensors, integrated flushing valves amongst other features that an OEM can select to fit the specific needs of their machine. Understanding what modular features that best benefit the skid steer market was a key step in the development of the ML series, the line of Poclain Hydraulics motors dedicated to the skid steer platform.

Skid steer


Poclain Hydraulics has taken the well-received attributes of the MS series and applied them to these motors, which were designed with the particular needs of skid steers in mind. This design helps OEMs to realize benefits such as quicker in-factory assembly time and part number reduction.

Poclain offers a robust solution for the skid steer market in its ML06 and MLE06 motors, which were originally introduced in 2007. The motor offers an axial compactness that rivals other motors in the market place. This allows for more internal space for the engine and other components while adding efficiency gains that deliver the increased power to the ground, productivity and tractive effort that operators find so necessary in many applications including construction site heavy lifting transportation efforts. This motor was developed with both the OEM and the end user in mind.

The ML06 motor incorporates a number of features developed to directly benefit the end customer.

Two speed bi-directional soft-shift allows for a smooth transition from one gear to another. As the rougher sensation felt by the driver on the upshift is generally perceived as added power, the soft shift mechanism is only applied when down shifting thus taking into account the full experience of the end operator and adding to the overall perceived value of the machine. This motor was also designed to take into account the frequent stops/starts common in construction sites. By delivering a greatly increased level of starting torque when alternatively compared to other motors on the market, the ML06 delivers a higher level of productivity for skid steers on the job site.

Poclain Hydraulics understands that it is critical to spend time around operators and their machines.

One goal of product development at Poclain Hydraulics is to solve problems that operators encounter, but it is also necessary to work hand in hand with OEMs to develop a solution that best fits their machine’s particular specifications.

The success of the ML06 and MLE06 was obtained by working with cross functional teams comprised of engineering, purchasing, product management, and marketing at OEMs and within Poclain.

When working with OEMs the design process puts heavy emphasis on providing robustness, longevity, a long service life as well as the validation of the product itself.

The ML series is a great example of this. With a dedicated design, the ML06 gives the OEM all the benefits of a motor specifically customized to their skid steer while bringing the added benefit of a proven, tried and true solution.

Skid steer

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