Dec 12, 2014

PHASES-CT: the power of software

To complement its new HIGH PERFORMANCE offer, and to accompany its new SmartDrive-CT-200/300/Pwe calculators, Poclain Hydraulics is offering a new version of its Phases software, specially designed for its users. It can configure,optimize and ensure the maintenance of its electronically controlled hydrostatic transmission systems.

The users will find an intuitive graphic interface. Right away, they will be able to select the program language, while choosing the measurement units they are most familiar with. Another new feature is that the software now works on a Windows tablet, making it easier to use in difficult environments.With its new modern design and excellent graphics, PHASES-CT is able to control all the functions for effective management of a hydrostatic system:
• Downloading and updating of the software.
• Machine configuration setting, adjustment and control.
• Hydrostatic transmission malfunctioning diagnostics via error message memorization.
• Graphic monitoring of 12 parameters simultaneously.
In order to use the PHASES-CT software, users will first need to acquire a user license from Poclain Hydraulics.

CT-DESIGN: Programming within Everyone’s Grasp

Poclain Hydraulics is now offering the CT-DESIGN software to all of its customers.With this new software, Poclain Hydraulics is making access to the electronically controlled hydrostatic transmissions even easier by allowing the OEMs to create their own management software.The CT-DESIGN tool offers a library of tried and tested software functions. With the help of an intuitive interface, each customer using CT-DESIGN can, without any further help, combine the necessary functions to generate their software in just a few clicks, thereby reducing development costs and time. CT-DESIGN has a simple and intuitive interface , and remains a powerful and efficient tool. It guarantees the best level of reliability for the generated software. It also provides the electronic wiring diagram that is created for each machine.
In order to use the CT-DESIGN software, you will first need to acquire a user license from Poclain Hydraulics.