Oct 10, 2019

Poclain Hydraulics provides hydraulic dual line braking for the EU 2015/68 standard

The new European 2015/68 standard, which stems from the 167/2013 mother regulation, steps up the requirements for on-road braking. Given the trend for heavier and faster vehicles, the standard enforces dual line braking to prevent losing control of the towed vehicle. The standard is in effect on tractors since 2018 as well as trailers in certain European countries.


Poclain Hydraulics has upgraded its braking offering to comply with the standard, ensuring that the braking force distributes appropriately between the tractor and trailer.

Compact and mud-resistant, it is an all-terrain alternative to pneumatic technology and fit for working in the fields. It is equipped with an electronic control and available in two versions: the VBT for tractors, and EMB for trailers or towed implements. Both are standalone and compatible with other solutions on the market.

VBT system for tractor-mounted dual line braking

The VBT system integrates an electronically controlled valve that modulates the pressure sent to the trailer braking system based on the force applied to the brake pedal. It manages the control and supplementary lines of the trailer for all braking systems: single, dual-line or CUNA for Italy. Whatever the tractor size, the same valve body pilots the brake and the braking force adjusts using the electronic settings. Beyond just complying with the standard, the system offers four enhancements:

  1. Ordering the shut-off of the control line should a leak occur
  2. Securing the parking brake test functionality
  3. Automatically filling the trailer accumulator
  4. Synchronizing the tractor and trailer emergency braking

In addition to the standard functionalities, the VBT system is configurable to enable the Hill Start feature (automatic parking brake actuation when the tractor stops on an uphill grade) and Parklock (automatic parking brake actuation when the ignition is turned off). If the tractor runs with a CVT (Continuously Variable Transmission), the system can be set to brake the trailer when the tractor decelerates.

EMB system for trailer-mounted dual line braking

Like the VBT, the EMB system integrates a valve with an embedded electronic control. It is suitable for single, double or triple axel trailers and it adjusts the braking force according to trailer weight and the force applied to the brake pedal. The EMB system stops the trailer if it breaks away from the tractor. The system is easy to integrate as the weight information comes in the form of an analog or CAN signal. The trailer manufacturer can choose the sensor used to transfer the load information.

If the trailer integrates brake actuators whose volume exceeds 140 cc (8.5 cu.in), the system is upgraded with a pressure amplifier that can charge the accumulator using the low pressure available on the supplementary line. Charging is automatic and transparent for the driver.

With its hydraulic dual line braking systems, Poclain Hydraulics confirms its commitment to supporting Ag OEMs in marketing machinery that complies with current regulations and ensuring their machines are safe and future-ready.