Sep 27, 2021



Paola Ipsa is Poclain’s AddiDrive Program Marketing Manager. She has dedicated the last four years to the understanding of vocational truck use in order to bring fleets hydraulic drive solutions with high TCO impact. Paola holds a master’s degree in Business Administration from University of Trieste, Italy.

Learn how AddiDrive can support trucks that spend most of their time on the road, but need to optimize mobility for the last mile, like in the case of field, forest, construction or fire/rescue applications.

Paola will present “On-Demand Hydraulic Drive for Vocational Trucks” starting October 1, as part of the Utility Expo’s on-demand education sessions.

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Education Session Title: AddiDrive - On-Demand Hydraulic Drive for Vocational Trucks


Typical mechanical all-wheel drive is associated with constraints such as reduced turning radius, higher ride-height and significant impact on truck payload and fuel consumption. These constraints do not suit the needs of trucks that spend 90 to 95% of time on the road. As an alternative to mechanical all-wheel drive systems, the hydraulic drive system AddiDrive helps ensure optimum mobility for trucks that need to work in difficult conditions and on irregular terrains. AddiDrive maintains standard truck’s steering and ride-height with less weight than other systems and minimal impact on fuel consumption, making the technology ideal for field, forest, construction, and fire/rescue applications. A more economical and environmentally friendly solution, AddiDrive helps users maximize uptime and payload. This presentation, featured on the Fluid Power Forum podcast, explains the value brought by the system, how the system works, and how the hydraulic system integrates into the truck platform.