Jul 16, 2020



Poclain Hydraulics will exhibit at IE expo China 2020 in booth N.5 A31 at the Shanghai New International Expo Center, Shanghai China from Thursday August 13 to Saturday August 15.


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Poclain Hydraulics for Shredder


Thanks to the policy directives from China's environmental governance, the market's demand for efficient and reliable shredders continues to grow. Poclain Hydraulics has more than 20 years of successful experience in the shredder industry. Poclain’s low-speed high-torque motors, with its unique cam-lobe structure, have good low-speed stability while maintaining maximum torque output. The low-inertia design can quickly switch directions.

Our heavy-duty line of radial piston motors deliver on project integration support and expertise, proven quality, and the durability to meet demanding machine applications. Poclain Hydraulics motors also have the benefit of a solid global service and support network.

  • Readily available
  • High transmission efficiency – up to 95%
  • Proven integration ease
  • Proven low maintenance and reliable direct drive solutions
  • Up to (30,000cc)
  • Flanged valve offer for MI250


Poclain Hydraulics for Street Sweepers


Small street sweepers, with their compact design and versatile attachments, help municipalities address waste problems associated with increased urbanization. Poclain Hydraulics offers a complete transmission solution for small street sweepers that consists of Poclain wheel motors, hydraulic axial pumps, valves and electronic control components.

  • Motor: MS(E) series radial cam lobe motors – modular design, resistant to contamination and available with parking and service brakes as well as one or two speed working modes.
  • Pump: progressive transmission control in forward and reverse as well as control of the sweeping or auxiliary functions via hydraulic lever
  • Valves: control flow for pump and brake functions as well as control of motor speed and auxiliary functions
  • Electronics: transmission control and safety functions