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Poclain Hydraulics has become a market leader in forestry over the last 20 years.

Poclain Hydraulics motors were first used in single grip harvester heads, in order to drive tree processing rollers. Key success factors have been their robustness, their ability to sustain short but very high power peaks, and their consistently high efficiency over time. These factors allow for extremely frequent and accurate starting and stopping cycles for higher productivity, a key driver when it comes to “cut to length” tree technology.

Additional uses of Poclain Hydraulics products can be found on harvesters’ crane and cabin swing drive, where the precision and high torque of Poclain Hydraulics motors allow for the elimination of gear boxes and back lash. These motors are able to deliver the required torque when machines need to work in difficult conditions, such as very steep slopes. In these applications there has been cooperation with several customers including: Komatsu, Ponsse and Eco Log or Menzi Muck.

Some other customers have also used our wheel motors for travel drives to propel single wheels or bogies of harvesters, such as Rottne and Eco Log in Sweden. This machine architecture is unbeatable when it comes to climbing over rocks, an obstacle that is frequently encountered in the Scandinavian forests.

The latest improvements at Poclain Hydraulics have focused on areas such as weight reduction, higher flow capabilities, reduced pressure drops, increased life time and durability. Through these benefits, we are proud to bring our small contribution to the progress of such a demanding, innovative and fascinating industry !

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