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Since 2005, Poclain Hydraulics core technology and advanced innovations have enabled it to diversify the offer and serve on-road vehicles.
Poclain Hydraulics’ goal is to offer on-road vehicles efficient, economical and ecological solutions based on hydraulic technology.


AWD for Truck Addidrive

Addidrive system is an additional hydrostatic transmission which offers a better mobility for trucks in difficult driving conditions such as mud, snow, sand, and slopes downhill or uphill.
It consists of a hydraulic transmission in addition to the standard mechanical transmission which automatically transfers torque to a non-driven axle, only when a complement of traction is needed.
This hydraulic aid fitted on the front or rear axle is an ecological alternative to mechanical all-wheel drive.

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Major benefits

Comparison with standard trucks

Keep the standard trucks benefits with greater traction in both directions:

  • Tight turning radius & maneuverability
  • Easy access to the cabin
  • Optimal on-road performances
  • Comfort and low noise level

- Improved driver safety, better stability in difficult conditions
- Creeping mode for maneuvering, truck positioning and operation at slow & steady speed
- Greater truck versatility
- Less downtime thanks to a better schedule reliability
- More efficient truck configuration ( payload increase)

Comparison with AWD trucks

Keep the AWD trucks benefits without the constraints:

  • High grip and traction in difficult terrain
  • Driver peace of mind

- Increased payload (by +400-500 kg)
- Lower fuel consumption and gas emissions (-5 to 15%)
- Automatic engagement and speed-dependant disengagement while driving
- No restrictions to set up additional equipment (ride-height, ground clearance, payload) thanks to an easy integration
- Creeping mode
- Simplified trailers’ fleet thanks to uniformized fifth-wheel height
- Lower maintenance

Main features



Standard function Torque is transferred on front axle instantaneously and automatically, as soon as the truck loses adherence, from 0 to ~30 kph [18.6 mph]


When AddiDrive is activated, torque is systematically transferred at start, regardless of rear wheel adherence


Whenever the traction mode is not required, freewheeling mode ensures minimum drag torque and power consumption. Addidrive is automatically disengaged above 30 kph [18.6 mph]



When going downhill with bad adherence conditions, the hydraulic axle contributes to maintaining adherence


The truck is powered forward and reverse by the hydrostatic transmission only, at low speed


The truck is powered forward and reverse by the hydrostatic transmission only, at low speed, for working applications


  • Pressure : up to 450 bar (6 500 PSI)
  • Power : max 41kW per wheel
  • Displacement : max 1 248 cc/rotation per wheel
  • Torque : up to 6830Nm per wheel